When installing your photovoltaic system, we use only the most efficient photovoltaic solar panels (from TRINA SOLAR). There are two types of panels available for your home or business’ needs, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. During the installation process, we calculate your home or business’ energy needs and use this as a guide to selecting the right photovoltaic solar panels for your electricity needs.

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Solar Panels


In Mexico, Era Exacta is a distributor of one of the most efficient and high quality brands in the market.

Jinko Solar is a worldwide leader in the solar photovoltaic cells and modules market. It has offices in 9 strategically located countries located around the world. Its approximate annual production capacity of ingots, sheets and cells is about 2.0GW, and 2.1GW of solar PV modules.

Jinko’s production system is deeply bound to the quality of their products, in which every cell and module passes through, at least, 36 inspection phases and procedures made in a UL certified laboratory.

Performance Warranty

jinko_productoIn the year 2012, the Photon Laboratory finished a study based on the behavior of the products when real environmental conditions were applied. Such study reached the following conclusions:

  • Jinko Solar’s modules have a better performance when compared to other brands in high temperature and high humidity environments.
  • Jinko Solar’s modules outperformed the average reference when exposed to extreme natural conditions, which included typhoons, earthquakes, snowstorms, high speed winds, salty weather and farm conditions.
  • Thanks to Jinko’s production technology, their modules produce more energy during the early stage of the day, sunset and cloudy days.
  • Jinko has one of the smallest degradation indexes due to light exposure, which guarantees a stable output as time passes.




The inverter is the heart of a PV system, given that it converts the direct current (DC) generated to alternate current (AC), which is the one that we commonly use and tends to be provided externally (CFE in Mexico, through a public energy network). To get the most out of a PV system it is necessary to choose carefully the right inverter, for this reason we offer top quality inverters and the most advanced technology available: SMA, Schneider Electric and Fronius among others.


A global, innovative and responsible company

Ever since the steel in the 19th century, the electric distribution and the automation in the conduct of energy in the 20th and 21st, Schneider Electric has always been motivated by an international, innovative and responsible mind in order to give shape to the industry transition, it has been evolving by inches.

Energy Efficiency

Is the cost of energy in the top of your concerns list?, we can make it profitable. Schneider Electric is the only global specialist offering both services through integral solutions: to offer a substantial energy saving and give value to your property.

Valuable Proposal

  • Maintenance and operation offer. Assure 97.5% of installation availability for 20 years.
  • Complete solution, including energy conversion, distribution and supervision.
  • Modular and industrialized, which leads to time optimization.
  • A reliable and efficient supervision as well as a monitoring platform adapted to solar applications.
  • A wide range of inverters thanks to our global leadership (2kW to 500kW).

Differentiation Factors

  • The capacity to assure the technical reliability of our products to our clients.
  • Our clients feel ease due to the fact that we will assume the maintenance of our products.
  • We have solution centers for engineering, project management, shipments and maintenance.

Interconnected Systems

  • Conext TX 2 800
  • Conext TX 3 300
  • Conext TX 3 800
  • Conext TX 5 000
  • Conext TL 15 000
  • Conext TL 20 000
  • Conext GT 250 000
  • PV Box
  • Balance of System

Isolated Systems

  • Inversor Offgrid  XW6048
  • Inversor Offgrid  XW4548
  • Inversor Offgrid  XW4024
  • Controladores de Carga
  • Controladores MPPT



Altenergy Power System Inc.




aps_productAPS started in 2009 and is established in Silicon Valley. It is a company dedicated to satisfy the communication, monitoring and energy conditioning needs with their micro-inverters. Since it began, APS has expanded quickly and today it has presence in Australia and China as well.

It has sold devices for an accumulated capacity of 20MW, has obtained more than 30domestic and international patents, 3 software developments and 2 registered brands. All of their 3 product’s generations have attained CQC/CGS/SAA/ETL/CE certificates.

Their micro-inverter’s models are:

  • APS YC1000-3
  • APS YC500A
  • APS YC250A





Everest Solar Systems is positioned as a leader in the solar mounting systems thanks to their sophisticated innovations and deep focus in the client. Everest is partner of K2 Systems, which is also a leader in Europe with more than 3GW of systems installed. It offers proven products and innovative designs, which generate a competitive solution in price.

Everest Solar offers a range of products that adapt to different kinds of installations, either fixed or not:

  • South-oriented ballast systems (S-DOME)
  • East-West ballast system (D-DOME)
  • Sheet roof systems (XPRESS RAIL)

Fixed Systems (CROSSRAIL)


Creotecc is a solar system’s mounting structures manufacturing company, specialized in ground mountings. From its headquarters in Scotts Valley, California, Creotecc develops high quality mounting systems for big, medium and small applications. Quality is our biggest strength, with certifications from UL 2703. This aluminum structures have great resistance and handling of static and dynamic forces. The anodized aluminum guarantees corrosion resistance and a greater lifetime. Creotecc is a German company created more than two decades ago. Creotecc has installed more than 600MW since 1985.  

logo_dynoraxx DynoRaxx began with its simple and accessible design of a mounting system in 2006, after 2 years of multiple developments and until now, they have achieved to support an accumulated of 10MW of projects. Through time, they have been improving their design to avoid human errors, as well as tried different material combinations. Their goal is to use the minimum amount of tools and reduce costs.


Dynoraxx has the best mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs, and has one of the simplest, most efficient grounding systems for PV modules called DynoBond, which is free of tool usage, corrosion resistant and UL certified.


Solmetric develops software and hardware tools for the PV industry. Their Suneye® has been a standard for shadow analysis and it has become a world leader.

Their design software makes it easy for installation workers to evaluate and design PV systems with better performance.

Solmetric offers two products to the PV industry:

  1. Suneye with GPS. Digital shadow measurement system.
  2. IV Curve Tracer. To analyze the correct operation of a PV system.



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