Our value proposal is integrated according to the needs of our customers, through services that include design, construction, start-up, monitoring, energy optimization, performance supervision and maintenance, as well as procedure management with government authorities and financial processing with banks. In summary, we are a solar energy integrated service provider for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets.

In Era Exacta, we offer simplified and value-added solar solutions for our customers, including companies, communities, and home-owners. Our systems are designed based on a maximum output strategy and backed by guaranteed leading manufacturers in the industry.



Be rest assured when you make the decision of using solar energy for your home, Era Exacta will offer you world-class quality and high value-added solar panels. If you are seeking to save in energy costs, contributing to create a cleaner environment and mitigate the greenhouse effects, it is time to install a solar energy system from Era Exacta.

Once you decide to have your system installed, you can enjoy the economic benefits of producing your own energy and be part of the community that helps create a greener environment.

Contact us today to find out more about the optimal photovoltaic system for your home and discover the benefits that Era Exact has for you.


Era Exacta is the answer to any type of business looking to reduce their operating costs and electricity consumption. Our solutions convert the free and abundant sunlight of Mexico, into electricity to run your lights, equipment, tools, refrigeration and any equipment powered by electricity.

A solar energy plant allows energy independence, reducing their exposure to the volatility of fuel prices in which electricity is generated and allows you to stabilize your energy costs in the long run. After activating the solar system, your energy savings start immediately and with every increase in cost of electricity, your savings and return on your investments exponentially grow.

Era Exacta can guide you towards energy independence by determining the best photovoltaic solution, the harnessing of government incentives for tax savings, and even managing procedures to obtain financing.



The opportunity that solar energy offers is a natural decision and very practical for livestock and agricultural producers. It will be very easy to take advantage of the Sun that shines over your every day work.

If your intention is to be more competitive, save in energy costs, reduce the environment pollution and help our planet, here are several opportunities we offer to your business:

Photovoltaic systems connected to the power company network

  • Independent self-standing photovoltaic systems
  • Isolated systems for pumping
  • Systems for electric fencing

Solar energy is highly profitable for livestock and agricultural businesspeople given the system’s long lifetime and reduced maintenance. Solar energy is not the future, it is the present reality of the world and a great opportunity for countries like Mexico, where the available amount of sunlight is so high.

Give us a chance by contacting us and we can offer you the energy saving opportunities and government subsidies available for your investment.

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