solar energyPhotovoltaic modules generate electricity through the use of solar panels composed of silicon, a photosensitive mineral, in which its atoms excite when receiving light energy from the Sun.

Solar panels can power any electrical device, from lamps, air conditioning, refrigerator, electronics, and even electric cars. They work every time the sun is shining and reaches the PV modules directly. The more the intensity of sunlight, the more electricity that produces.

When sunlight hits an array of solar panels, a direct current (DC) flow of electricity is produced. The equipment and machinery, however, operate with an alternating current (AC), commonly supplied by the government utility companies.

The DC energy produced by the panels is fed into an inverter that converts the DC power into AC power, which then feeds the main electrical panel that powers a home or business.


Solar energy advantages
Solar energy has many benefits. Due to the amount of sun that we receive each year, Mexico is ideal for harnessing solar energy. Era Exacta can help you turn your home or business in an efficient energy source and thus save money. There are many factors of solar energy that make it the ideal power source for the present and the future, including:

Renewable energy source
We are all aware of the problems facing humanity in terms of energy sources. Fortunately, solar energy is renewable. This energy can be used tirelessly, especially here in Mexico, where we have sunshine almost all year.

Cost-Saving energy source
Solar energy users can save money on their power bills, since they are generating their own electricity. They can also save money through Federal and State tax incentives and credits by converting to this clean energy source.

Clean and efficient energy source
Another advantage of solar energy is the environment. While carbon energy pollutes our environment, solar energy is clean and efficient. By reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants, we help to create a greener and cleaner planet. Harnessing solar energy is one of the most important actions we have to take for the planet.


Because of its abundance. Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy. It is clean, abundant and easy to harvest, thanks to actual technologies. Every day the sun sends enough solar energy to the planet to satisfy the worlds energy needs for several years. In an era where global warming and CO2 buildup are of critical concern, solar energy becomes a  valuable solution to protect our planet.
 Today’s solar cells only convert an average of 15 to 16% of sunlight into electricity. Nonetheless, in the recent years there has been significant progress in their design. Some new modules achieve up to about 20% efficiency. 
The answer, of course, depends on the amount of energy used. Another important factor is whether you are trying to supplement its energy supply with a system interconnected to the electricity network or if it’s isolated from the network and trying to cover all its energy needs. Probably the first element to consider is  the space available on your roof to place the solar panels. A facility with about 14 panels will produce about 40% to 50% of its energy needs. If you have a large roof area is likely to have capacity for about 24 panels of 145 power watt and to cover 75% to 100% of its energy needs. If the roof is not facing south or partially shaded, energy production will be lower. One of our solar technicians can assist you in determining what is more practical for your home and the amount of power you can practically generate from the space you have and the average energy consumption you make.
Probably yes. Real Estate experts nowadays believe that given the growth of this technology and the significant electric bill increases, a solar system can increase the value of a house. However, this depends largely on the local market so it is necessary to consult it with a real estate agent before making this decision if you know you are planning to sell your house in a relatively short period of time.
 Yes. The solar electric system will continue to operate even covered by fog or clouds, but its production will be lower. The output of the solar electric system is relative to the “depth” of the layer of clouds and the amount of light that passes through, but typical fog only reduces the output power by 50%. Storm clouds will make the reduction substantially greater, but the system continues to produce energy. On the other hand, the system is calculated to produce in one year the amount of energy that is expected to produce in that period of time, given that the interconnection contract with electric companies establishes an “energy bank” that preserves the surpluses for up to one year.” 
South facing will get the best performance, but facing east and west also have a great production. If there is a roof deck, with the appropriate square footage available, it is a great option. We can also build a ground mount structure is there is enough space on the property.
Yes. Most commercial solar power systems are installed on flat roofs. Solar panels are usually mounted on racks that expose the panel towards the sun in an optimal angle to receive the greatest amount of light.
 No, solar modules are very lightweight. The combined weight of support system and the solar modules is only 18kg/m2.
Our panels have a warranty for 25 years. But the actual life time of the system is over 30 years. 
The residential solar electric systems usually take about two to five days for installation, depending on size and complexity. Nonetheless, in our experience, real projects take usually longer, since there is a need to wait for the electricity company to install the bidirectional electricity meter ( in a system connected to the network).
The bidirectional electricity meter registers the energy supplied by the external network to your home circuit, as well as the energy that the solar system sends back to the external network. At the end of the billing period, the electricity bill specifies both quantities and only charges the remaining electricity resulting from the difference of both.

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