We develop organic waste treatment projects, being the source of this organic waste the food and agricultural industry, and the organic fraction of the municipal solid waste among others.

Through the biological treatment of the organic waste we obtain two products, biogas and bio-fertilizer; with the biogas we cogenerate heat and power which can be used in many ways.

We have a strategic alliance with BWE Energiesysteme, German company, leader in Europe when the matter is organic waste management. As to our experience, reliability and quality, our technological partner BWE Energiesysteme, has installed around 400 biogas plants of which 36 are working with municipal organic waste, in England we have the first 3 places referring to yield in these type of plants.

Private companies:

ERA Exacta has positioned as a leader developing turnkey projects in the renewable energy sector; as a first stage in cooperation with the client we verify the economic viability of the projects, providing help to choose the best financial solution, we help as consultants in order to get the needed permissions to start with the edification, design and engineering, construction, material supply and equipment, automation, bioengineering, monitoring, management and plants re-powering and maintenance.


ERA Exacta proposal it is not just only provide the technologic solution of the biological treatment (wet anaerobic digestion) which allows to harness the potential of the organic municipal waste, besides, seeks the integration of all of the factors and components needed to the realization of the project: economic resources management (grant funding, financing, private funding), coordination of the participation of the federal departments and agencies which involved in the issue, attraction, validation and support of the government for the legal structure for the construction and operation of the project (Public private partnership).